Private infrasauna (only with procedures)

20 min | 550kč / person
  • Type: relax
  • Private infrasauna for max. 2 people. Infrared is different from hot air or steam, in particular by the fact that infrared affects the body tissues in depth, while steam or hot air affects the surface layers of the body. The infrasauna is good for blook circulation and stimulates sweating, where toxic substances, heavy metals, carcinogens, nicotine and many other substances are washed away with drops of sweat from our body.  Intensive blood circulation of the organs and body systems improves metabolism in the body, cleans and restores the organs, eliminates fatigue, improves physical and intellectual performance, and resistance to disease. Therefore, it is an ideal combination to massage and therapy.
  • It is possible to select only with combination of our procedures. Please let us know while making reservation for your massage.