China Liangtse Wellness reopens again:) China Liangtse Wellness sincerely invites you to visit our store. Heathy and Wellness are along with you all the time.

Traditional chinese massage & therapy center (TCM)

Liangtse is the largest chinese massage and therapy center in Prague. We provide high standard massage services, unique environment and maximum comfort. Here you are 100% taken care of.

What is waiting for you?

  • Professional therapists with years of experience
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    Unlimited consumption of quality chinese tea
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    6 phased filtered water for better health and taste of tea
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    Comfortable silk massage cloth and disposable slippers
  • Unique environemnt with an individual approach

Massage & relax procedures

Chinese massage is based on the traditional chinese medicine, which harmonizes yin and yang in the body, focuses on meridiens and acupoints. It has many health benefits.

We recommend for example Chi Balance, Royal Tuina

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Traditional chinese medicine

Chinese therapies as part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It focus on the accupuncture points, reflex zones, blocked meridiens, and many other techniques that help to improve various of health conditions.

We recommend fo example Zen Tuina, Cupping, Moxa

traditional chinese medicine

Personal consultation

If you have any health issues and need chinese therapies from TCM, we recommend to take a personal consultation. Our therapist will recommend you the combination of procedures based on your health conditions.

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