Why become VIP member?

Classic customer

  • Price according to the price list
  • Consultation cost: 500kč
  • Offer of quality chinese tea
  • Clean massage cloth during the procedure

VIP customer

  • Price discount up to 25%
  • Better discount than special offers for classic customers *
  • Always FREE consultations
  • More varieties of quality tea selection
  • Participate in VIP ONLY events and activities
  • Receive your own massage cloth **
* Not possible to combine with discount portals like Groupon or Slevomat
** Applies for all VIP members prepaid above 20,000kč

Save up to 25% - the more the deposit, the more you receive!

VIP members can be anyone who is registered and deposits in VIP card at minimum  3000kč. The more you deposit, the more you receive!
Example 1:  discount 10% + 5%:  5,000kč + 5% bonus
VIP members always have 10% discount. Then if you’ve deposited 5,000kč, you have received 5% bonus = 250kč on your VIP card.
Example 2:  discount 10% + 15%:  20,000kč + 15% bonus
VIP members always have 10% discount. Then if you’ve deposited 20,000kč, you have received 15% bonus = 3000kč  on your VIP card.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

  • Vouchers available in amount 750kč, 1250kč, 1500kč, 2000kč, 3000kč, or the combination of the above.
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Lost vouchers can be found for all registered customers
  • The gift recipient can then choose time and type of massage according to his needs
  • The recipient can choose massage at different amount than the voucher received. It is enough to pay the different of the voucher and the massage chosen.
  • Vouchers are for all types of massage and therapies

Special offer 5+1 or 10+1(+)

  • Special offer 5+1 — purchase combination of 5 vouchers and receive 1 voucher at amount of 750 for FREE.
  • Special offer 10+1(+) — purchase combination of 10 vouchers and receive 1 big voucher at amount of 1800 for FREE.
Gift vouchers can be purchased at our salon, address:  Těšnov 1059/1, Praha 1, or you can reserve it at tel. 722 259 880 or e-mail info@liangtse.cz and we will prepare them for you in advance.