The most professional chinese massage and therapy center (TCM) in Prague

Liangtse is the largest and most professional chinese massage and therapy center (TCM – traditional chinese medicine) in Prague. It has more than 300m2, 9 rooms (for individual and couples), and pravate infrasauna.

What is chinese massage and how to choose procedures?

Chinese massage is based on traditional Chinese medicine and 13 basic tuina techniques. It focuses on body’s acupoints and reflex zones to release the blockages in the meridians, and brings balance to Yin-Yang and Chi in the body. At regular massage it increases blood circulation, reduces fatigue, regulates organs, and can improve problems like headache, spine issues, stomach ache, and many more.

Chinese massage is a part of traditional chinese medicine (TCM).  You may find here traditional massage like tuina and as well as therapies like cupping, moxa, gua sha, bian stone therapy and etc.  We also combine massage with therapies to achieve the highest effects. We recommend personal consultation with our therapist, who will suggest the most appropriate massage and the most effective therapy according to your health status.


Recommends before therapy procedures

Consultation – 500kč; for VIP – free
Consultation is recommended for everyone, who has health issues, or who doesn’t have any experience with chinese therapies or doesn’t know which procedures to choose.

Our therapists can recommend you the most effective procedures, its combination and frequency according to your health status.

Our Procedures

Head Reflex Massage

30 min 750kč
  • Type: relax
  • This ancient massage employs a variety of Chinese head massage techniques to release tension in the head, scalp, neck and shoulders.
  • Recommended for: headaches, migraine, poor sleep, insomnia, head relaxation etc.

Foot Complete Reflexology

50 min 1250kč
  • Type: relax, therapy massage
  • This therapy focuses on reflex zones on the feet, which activates the meridians in the body that helps to improve circulation and energy in the body,  it innitiates healing and cleaning process in the body and leads to complete relaxation.
  • Recommended for: supports blood circulation, improves metabolism, better sleep quality, diagnoses problems, prevents aging, eliminates stress and fatigue

Zen Tuina

60 min 1250kč
  • Type: relax, therapy massage
  • Acupressure massage. We use fingers instead of needles on acupressure points and throughout the massage 13 basic Tuina techniques are used, it works effectively at releasing blockages in the body’s meridians, which helps to improve various health issues. It is massage without oil. At releasing the blocked meridians one might feel pain.
  • Recommended for: various health problems, such as improving lymphatic circulation, problems with joints and muscles, shoulder pain, back, loin, knees and others, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive disturbance, frequent constipation, gastroptosis, chronic gastritis, insomnia and etc.

Chi balance with essential oils

60 min 1500kč
  • Type: relax, therapy massage
  • Massage technique using essential oils focuses mainly on the back, a very complex structure and a storehouse of stress. This massage harmonizes Chi in the body’s energy pathways (meridians), balances yin and yang and completely eliminates all stress in the body.
  • Recommended for: relaxing the body, eliminating stress and fatigue, arm, neck, waist and back pain, improving the quality of sleep, strengthening the skin and returning its elasticity.

Jade Journey with hot stones

60 min 1600kč
  • Type: relax
  • Technique that uses elements of Chinese medicine, shiatsu and reflexology, and combines heated hot stones and herbal essential oils to ground the body and balance stress. At the combination of warm in the body and acupressure massage, the body balances Chi faster and allows the essential oil to get deeper into the body.
  • Recommended for: massaging at high temperature accelerates systemic metabolism, promotes dissolution of fat cells and toxic substances. Good for  lymphatic massage, complete relaxation of the body, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation, firms the skin and restores its elasticity.

Moxa & therapy massage (Ai-jiu)

45 min 1500kč
  • Type: therapy massage
  • Moxa is one of the oldest treatments in Chinese medicine using heated herb Ai to improve  the problematic part of the body. We use advanced modern technology instead of classic stick, which reduces the smell and smok from the herb Ai. 
  • Recommended for: headache, migraine, poor sleep, insomnia, stiffness of muscles and cramps, joint pain, digestive disorders, abdominal pain during stress and menstruation, back and shoulder pain and etc.

Face Lifting Massage

45 min 1250kč
  • Type: relax and cosmetology
  • Deep facial cleansing and hydrating care. It helps to improve skin elasticity, uprises muscles in the face and promotes a youthful appearance.
  • Recommended for: lifting face muscles, against aging, improving local blood circulation.

Royal Tuina with essencial oil

90 min 2000kč
  • Type: relax, therapy massage
  • Royal Tuina is a whole body massage, including complete feet reflexology massage. It can reach whole the body‘s acupoints and releases blockages of body’s meridians from head to toe. It is possible with oil or without. If the client doesn’t specifies, classicaly it’s done with oil. 
  • Recommended for: supporting blood circulation, for healthier metabolism, improving sleep quality, diagnosing health issues, preventing aging, eliminating stress and fatigue, relaxing the entire body, helping the release of shoulder, neck, loin and back pain, strengthening the skin and restoring its elasticity and etc.

Enchanted journey with sauna

120 min 3000kč
  • Type: relax
  • Complete whole body massage with essential oils accompanied with sauna a facial massage, that helps to clear all blockages of the meridians in the body even faster.
  • Recommended for: relaxation of the whole body, against headaches, shoulders, neck, waist and back, firms skin and restores its elasticity, improves the quality of sleep.


30 min 750kč / 50min 1250kč
  • Type: therapy massage
  • Cupping is one of the most used methods in Chinese medicine. In this procedure, glass flasks and fire are used, with which a small part of the skin is soaked in the flask. It is as a result of heat and then sudden cool down by the air in the flask.  The flasks are then left on the skin, and the tims is always determined by the therapist. After the procedure, it retains red to black spots on the skin, which automatically disappear after 3 to 10 days.
  • Recommended for: rheumatism, pain at joints, back, head, and it is also good against asthma, vascular and organ diseases.

Gua sha

30 min 750kč / 50min 1250kč
  • Type: therapy massage
  • Gua-shua is a part of traditional Chinese medicine, which uses a jadeite plate to release unhealthy body matter from blood stasis. During the procedure, the therapist uses plate to “scratch” through the skin and leaves red to black-red stains, which will dissapear in 3-10 days. This massage could be painful.
  • Recommended for: pain in the muscles and joints, it provides relief for all types of colds, flu, etc., it has detoxifying effects, it is also used in diets and weight loss, and it has diagnostic function.

Bian stone therapy

30min 750kč / 50min 1250kč
  • Type: relax, therapy massage
  • Stone therapy Bian is a valuable experience that reconciles the functions of Yin-Yang, Chi, blood and organs to stabilize internal inequality and restores physical and mental health. It uses heated Bian stone with essential oils, which can locally heat the body parts and the therapist concurrently uses traditional chinese Tuina massage techniques.
  • Recommended for:  high temperature accelerates systemic metabolism, promotes dissolution of fat cells and toxic substances, can be used for lymphatic massage, complete relaxation of the body, relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation and firms the skin and restores its elasticity and etc.