The time, where you are 100% taken care of.

China Liangtse Wellness comes with a traditional Chinese concept of massage and guarantees the top professional service. Here you will find the peace, privacy and home you’re looking for. The time where you are 100% taken care of.

Welcome to Liangtse - the world of calm, peace and home feeling!

We are international brand that offers a luxurious and professional chinese massage experience. The first of its kind in the Czech Republic. In the center of Prague, we provide our customers an authentic environment and service with individual approach. Our goal is to let the customers feel to be in a different world. It is a world where quality, peace, professional approach and care is important. The time where you are 100% taken care of.

Every customer at Liangtse feels completely relaxed, and therefore finally finds the right place for peace, privacy and home feeling. It is where one can escape from the chaotic work. Here you have unlimited time for relax. You are welcome to bring your colleague for a cup of authentic chinese bio tea. Our tea is carefully prepared from 6 phase filtered water, that is not only important for preparing a quality tea, but also very good for our health. Each customer will receive a comfortable silk massage cloth, an individual approach and recommendations from our professional therapists.

Our therapists have many years of massage experience and have gone through professional chinese massage trainings and workshops. All the essential oils we use are made from the highest quality natural ingredients only and are tested against allergies. This ensures that all clients will receive high level massage experience and guarantees top service in the industry.

Something more about our company

China Liangtse Wellness is an international brand that belongs to the China Liangtse Group. It is the first and the largest natural therapy research institute in China recognized by China’s National Ministry of Health. China Liangtse Group was established 1997 in Jinan Quancheng. Our mission is “BE HEALTHY with Liangtse”.

Through years of research, based on Chinese medicine and natural therapy, China Liangtse Group has introduced products and solutions that have helped millions of people to reach a healthier life. These include massages, tuina, moxa and many procedures combined with natural therapy techniques and products.

Now we can find China Liangtse Wellness brand not only in China, but also in many other countries of the world, including Germany, UK, Finland, Holland, Canada, US and the Czech Republic. We have over 380 chain salons, and over 11,000 employees globally. We are still expanding and hope to bring our solutions to the world and to promote better, more joyful lives to all who come through our doors.

Our massage therapists